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Exploration diving are dives without the purpose of learning. So you must already be certified or in the process of being certified, and therefore know the basics of diving.

With your monitor, dive and explore the seabed, admire corals, turtles, multi-colored fish and all that the sea of Mauritius has to offer.

There is no age limit for diving. Exploration dives, they are quiet and they are done with a good mood…

Sunset Diving Exploratory Dive

The exploration dives cater to divers having followed at least a diving training beforehand.

Usually, the morning dives are for experienced divers, minimum N1 or open water (see our page of PADI, SSI, FFESSM training courses to learn more)

The afternoon dives are open to all and the dive site is chosen based on beginner divers.

In the morning, the meeting is at 8:15 at the local to equip and the departure is at 9: 00. All our trips are in two tanks (2 dives per outings). The second dive is not mandatory. We dive at the ship’s departure, on reefs, wrecks, out of the lagoons.

In the afternoon, the appointment is at 1:00 pm and the departure is at 1:45 pm.

Reservations have to be booked 24h before departure.

The services of a professional is included for all framed dives.

We recommend that you take with you a medical certificate of no contraindication for the practice of diving.
Divers, don’t forget your certification cards as well as your diving and your international license up-to-date book.


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  • 1 Dive 1 700 Rs
  • 2 Dives / 2 Tanks 3 200 Rs
  • 6 Dives / 2 Tanks 9 000 Rs
  • 10 Dives / 2 Tanks 14 000 Rs
  • 2 Dives at Gunner's Coin 3 500 Rs
  • Refresh 2 200 Rs
  • Snorkeling (2 to 3 hours) 900 Rs

* A 4% surcharge will be applied for all credit card payments.