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SSI is a diving training school; it is an American company. Instead of saying that it is the leader on the market of diving training, you could say that the SSI training literally ‘won’ this market.

Its system is obviously effective, safe and fun, but now, its ultimate weapon is its absolute worldwide recognition! Indeed, no other diving school is recognized worldwide!

And as their training system is absolutely identical in all the seas or lakes in the world, the big advantage for SSI certified divers is whatever the place in the world they decide to dive, the center will know exactly what the diver did during his training.

Weighted by the number of dives conducted and the time elapsed since the last dive, the monitors will be able to properly assess the level of the divers and therefore offer them a suitable output: not too technical so that the diver is not placed in trouble, nor too close to the introduction so that it’s not boring…

The SSI Levels

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In 4 dives, this level of SSI training allows you to control your equipment and to follow an instructor.

It is a bit the equivalent of level 1 french at SSI but by limiting the depth to 12 m.

The Open Water Diver course is the flagship of the SSI training diploma. This level gives you the keys to autonomy in the area of the 18 m (60 feet). 4 dives for you to manage your dive: orientation, autonomy in air, decompression, incidents issues management… Obviously, an important theoretical contribution is necessary; it is followed by a quiz of 50 questions.

This training is quite the equivalent of Level 1 French but the SSI Divers are not trained to make dives with decompression. With SSI, one learns to dive in the curve of security: the immersions never need decompression levels other than a “level of safety” of 3 minutes for 5 meters of depth… This difference makes the training much less time consuming that a Level 2 French.

In practice, after certification, this difference is of little importance because in recreational diving, it avoids, as far as may be possible, to propose dives requiring levels of decompression.

The autonomy, it is also the orientation with a compass if necessary.

This certification is the logical continuation of the Open Water Diver: the latter is independent in 20 m of water, training in the Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) allows to be independent in 30 m deep.

This SSI training includes 5 dives with themes: the deep and orientation diving with compass are mandatory. The other three can be chosen among the following dives: drift, from a boat, digital underwater photography, development of stabilisation, naturalism, at night, under ice etc…

An AOWD diver is qualified to be autonomous within 30 m of depth, always no-decompression level; he must therefore manage orientation, air consumption, decompression and all the problems that may arise during the dive. The diver has already seen it at the OWD but we talk about it during training at the AOWD.

The SSI Rescue Diver (RD) training teaches the techniques of diving accident or incident management. It is composed of 8 sessions during which emphasis is placed on:

  • the consistent implementation of the research,
  • the rise of the diver to the surface,
  • the leafleting, the de-equipement and the release of water from the victim,
  • the alert message,
  • the diver dry processing: first aid and oxygen therapy.

The themes are treated separately during the first transfers then accident scenarios are proposed to understand the whole procedure…

Serious training that do not exclude the good mood…

The SSI Dive Master training allows to become a SSI professional and allows, for example, to open a diving centre across the world (except in France). With this degree, one cannot issue divers certification.

Nevertheless, it allows to manage a centre and especially a diving boat with certified divers.

Choice of anchor or drift diving, explanation before diving for scuba divers, framing for non-autonomous divers, the Divemaster must also demonstrate a flawless technique, a good physical condition and knowledge of recreational diving professional.

A fortnight is necessary to get this degree.

Information and training dates: contact us.


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PADI and SSI training (Certification included)

E-Learning at Home Manuals on Site
SCUBA DIVER 8 000 10 000
OPEN WATER DIVER 15 500 18 500
RESCUE DIVER 17 000 20 000
DIVEMASTER (without equipment) 35 000 35 000
EQUIPMENT RENTAL (per Dive) 250 250

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